Membership Meeting – April 3, 2007

Attendees: Nancy Borreman, Christine Brubaker, Wanda Cole, Peggy Hampton, Extended Trip Coordinator, Bill Hoffman, Nancy Kauhl, Dave LeRoy, Treasurer, Rich Levin, Beth Major, Dennis Major, Pete Oswald, Newsletter Editor, Bill Pickering, Program Coordinator, Dave Powell, President, January Powell, Secretary & Past President, Fred Richter, Tanya Richter, Carole Rockland, Ed Rockland, Joan Short, Bill Stine, Vice President, Sandy Stine, and Don Youngblood

The meeting was called to order by President Dave Powell at 7:05 PM.

The nominating committee chair January Powell announced the 2007-2008 slate of officers:

  • President: Bill Stine
  • Vice President/President Elect: Peggy Hampton
  • Secretary: Marilyn Grove
  • Treasurer: David LeRoy
    Trip Coordinator: Nancy Borremans
  • Program Coordinator: Tanya Richter
  • Membership Chairman: Michael McMullen
  • Immediate Past President: David Powell
  • Day Trip Coordinator: Nan Reisinger
  • Newsletter Editor: Peter Oswald

Nominations were opened from the floor. No one was nominated from the floor. Bill Pickering moved that nominations be closed and that the announced slate be elected; Bill Hoffman seconded. By a unanimous vote the announced slate was elected for the 2007-2008 season. Congratulations to everyone.

The purpose of the meeting tonight was to plan our trips for next year. We had a brief discussion on where to find snow with Bill Stine showing us charts of the Northeast snow cover for the past five years. Our early trips this year had little or no snow. We proceeded to plan our trips trying to keep in mind where the greatest probability of snow will be, and then hope for the best.

With Peggy Hampton, our extended trip coordinator, presiding, the following trips were planned:

(* See notes below)

Dates Nights Destination Leader(s)
December 28, 2007 -January 1, 2008 4 Craftsbury, VT Nancy Kauhl &Dave LeRoy
January 11, 2008 -January 14, 2008 3 Turin, NY *(1)
January 18, 2008 -January 21, 2008 *(2) 3 Garnet Hill, NY Sandy & Bill Stine
January 25, 2008 -January 28 3 Pulaski, NY Peg Hampton
February 1, 2008 -February 3, 2008 2 Black Forest, PA Joan Short
February 8, 2008 -February 10, 2008 2 Lapland Lake, NY Rich Levin
February 8 or 10, 2008 -February 15, 2008 5 or 7*(3, 4) Waterville Valley, NH January & Dave Powell
February 15, 2008 -February 19, 2008 *(2) 4 Lake Placid, NY Bill Hoffman
February 22, 2008 -February 24, 2008 2 Laurel Highlands, PA *(1)
February 29, 2008 -March 3, 2008 3 Inlet, NY Bill Hoffman
March 3, 2008 -March 9, 2008 *(3) 6 Laurentians,Quebec, Canada Sandy & Bill Stine


  1. Leader needed for this trip
  2. Holiday weekend
  3. Mid week trip
  4. Trip length variable

Oktoberfest will be Saturday October 20, 2007 at the Kauhl/LeRoy residence.

President Dave Powell thanked everyone that contributed so much in the past year in making his job easy and enjoyable.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10

Ed Rockland won the $25 gift certificate for Wildware Back Country.

Respectfully submitted,
January Powell, Secretary