Membership Meeting – April 6, 2010

President Peggy Hampton called meeting to order at 7:01pm.

Approximately 24 people were in attendance.

Reports were made on past events including Pulaski II and Dinner Social at Bangkok Wok.

Sandy Stine reported she has 43 people registered for the 2010 Awards Banquet on April 21 at “What If Café” in Hershey. Great meal and entertainment planned. Deadline for registration Monday, April 12.

The nominating committee consisting of Bill Stine, Pam McMullen and Dave Walborn presented the following slate of officers for election:

  • President – Bill Hoffman
  • Vice Pres – Jean Geiger
  • Treasurer – Dave LeRoy
  • Secretary – Marilyn Grove
  • Ext Ski Trips – Sandy Stine
  • Day Trips – Ron Henry
  • Membership – Mike McMullen
  • Programs – Dave Walborn & Pam McMullen
  • Newsletter Editor – Pete Oswald

Also recommended for jobs that are not explicitly specified in the club’s standing rules are:

  • Publicity – Dave Powell
  • WebMaster – Bill Stine

Bill Pickering made a motion to close the floor for nominations. Seconded by Bill Hoffman. Vote was taken and all were in favor, no one opposed.

Evening Program involved presentation and consideration of trips for 2011.

Note: Changes made since the meeting are reflect in the schedule, below.

Trip Dates Nights Leader(s)
Craftsbury, VT Dec 29-Jan 2 4 LeRoy/Kauhl
Middlebury, VT Jan 2 -Jan 6 4 Stine
Lake Louise, CA Jan 12-Jan 19 7 Geiger/Borremans
Turin, NY Jan 14-Jan 17 3 Leader Needed
Pulaski, NY Jan 21-Jan 24 3 Hampton
Laurentians, CA Jan 24-Jan 30 6 Stine
Highland Forest, NY Feb 4 -Feb 6 2 Hoffman
Maine Hut-to-Hut Feb 6 -Feb 12 6 Stine
North Conway, NH Feb 12-Feb 18 6 Leader Needed
Lake Placid, NY Feb 18-Feb 21 3 Hoffman
Ottawa, CA Feb 21-Feb 25 4 Powell
Inlet, NY Feb 25-Mar 1 4 Pickering
Pulaski, NY Mar 4 -Mar 7 3 Hampton
Turin, NY Mar 11-Mar 14 3 Leader Needed

Summer Programs were discussed. Dave LeRoy volunteered to be the Program Czar. Bill Pickering will consider organizing an evening at the Nissley Winery and Dave Powell will organize an evening at a ballgame. Dates for both and other events to be announced.

Gift certificate winner was Dennis Major.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn S. Grove