Executive Board Meeting – May 18, 2011

Notes taken by Bill Hoffman

Attendance: Bill Hoffman, Jean Geiger, Dave Leroy, Nan Reisinger, Andrea Hospodar, Mike McMullen, Ron Henry, Bill Stine


Year-End Finances & Audit:
Cash flow statement distributed by Dave Leroy, showing a net profit of $1,113.90 on activities during the fiscal year ended April 30, 2011. The current checkbook balance is $4,836.42, including deposits already made for 2011-12 trips. Next year’s Inlet trip cost will be based on 14 participants, not 18 as was done this year. This year’s Inlet trip lost $242.93. The Pulaski 1 trip has a $212 discrepancy between the amount Dave wrote on the check to the 1880 House and the amount that the bank statement shows was paid. Dave will ask Peggy Hampton, the trip leader, to check with 1880 to see how much they were paid by their bank.

Dave L. proposed $100 donations each to the Tourathon trail system, the Jack Rabbit trail, and Catamount trail. He so moved, Bill Stine seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.

Dave said there can be confusion over trip carryover costs and refunds to people who had food expenses for trips they led but were reimbursed in one check for the net amount after all their trips were accounted for. The problem is that it’s very hard for anyone else to track the exact amount. Dave’s bookkeeping covers it but sometimes the recipient no longer knows how much they’re owed. No change in the refund system was proposed.

Bill H. said he would do the audit for the two most recent years after he returns from Potsdam.

Summer Activities:
Nan has asked several people if they’re interested in running events, such as a baseball game, canoeing, a bike ride, hike, evening at Nissley Vineyards, etc. She said she would have a schedule of events in time for the next Easy Glider.

Ox Roast:
No date was set, prior to finding out if the Apple Butter Boil bike ride will be occurring this year, or any other major bike events. Dave will check with Barner’s church in Liverpool to see if they are doing the boil this year; there had been some talk that they might discontinue it. For the roast, Dave and Nancy obtain the food and take the reservations. Others do the cooking and cleanup. Dave said it would be good if, in the course of assigning people food to bring, to have someone bring snacks to go with the beer that is drunk before dinner.

Overview of Weekend Trips (beyond this year) and Suggestions for Day Trips:
A wide-ranging discussion of how the trips have changed in recent years and whether we are helping the future of the club. Trips have gotten more expensive, yet they still fill up. There are fewer close-by trips due to the undependability of snow. We are not seeing many young people joining the club, but this may be similar to what other social clubs are experiencing, and which we cannot control. The question of publicity for the club came up, and Bill H. will ask Dave Powell if he’s willing to publicize our events in other places than the Patriot News. We would also like more publicity for day trips, as this is where people new to skiing could determine if KnG is for them.

Meeting Place:
The availability of the Harrisburg Mall is still uncertain due to an ownership change. Nan said that the Allendale Presbyterian Church in Lower Allen Twp. is available at no charge, but the downsides are limited parking, and a door that must be kept locked at all times, meaning someone would have to tend the door to admit latecomers. Nan will call the church to see if our preferred dates are available. We decided not to change the meeting dates for 2012, so regular meetings will continue on the first Tuesday and the socials will be 15 days hence. The Christmas party will be Wed., Dec. 21.

Bill H. reminded the Board that if we follow past practice, we will have a closing banquet in April, 2012. We need someone to run it. Sandy Stine is not interested. Bill H. asked the Board for suggested names, whom he will then contact.

Non-Profit Status:
Dave Leroy said we should apply for non-profit status. For the Craftsbury trip alone, this results in a saving of $1,000 a year. We need someone who can handle the application process. Bill thought that it will be necessary to apply to the Department of State of the Commonwealth and possibly to the IRS. This might allow us to avoid paying sales tax on items we buy, at least within PA. Bill said he would check with the Lancaster Bicycle Club, who has become a non-profit, to see what’s involved.

Meeting adjourned at 9PM.