Membership Meeting – April 3, 2012

President Bill Hoffman called the meeting to order at 7:10pm.

Approximately 21 people attended.

Officer’s Reports:

  • Officers in attendance had no reports.
  • We thanked Andrea Hospodar for some really great extended ski trips this year.
  • Webmaster – Bill Stine reported some problems with the website hosting company email.

Old Business: None

New Business:

The nominating committee, consisting of Sandy Stine, Tanya Richter and Peg Hampton presented the following slate of officers:

  • President – Jean Geiger
  • Vice President – Dave Walborn
  • Treasurer – Dave LeRoy
  • Secretary – Marilyn Grove
  • Extended Trips – Andrea Hospodar
  • Day Trips – Ron Henry
  • Membership – Nancy Kauhl
  • Programs – Cheryl Capitani
  • Newletter Editor – Pete Oswald

Also recommended jobs:

  • Publicity – Dave Powell
  • Webmaster – Bill Stine

Dave Powell made the motion to accept the above slate of officers and Bill Stine seconded. Secretary, Marilyn Grove, was directed to cast a unanimous ballot for above officer’s positions.

President Jean Geiger took over the annual trip-planning meeting. We have 14 tentative trips planned for next year’s ski season. Some old favorites and some new destinations. Three trips need leaders. See tentative trip schedule on club’s website.

We discussed several new meeting places to consider for next year. Cheryl, Dave and Bill checked out a place in Enola. Jeff Grove will contact Bass Pro and Gander Mtn regarding use of their facilities.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:45pm, lst Bill Hoffman and seconded by Sandy Stine.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Grove