Membership Meeting – Tue, December 3, 2013

The meeting was called to order by President Dave Walborn at 7:04pm.

Approximately 23 people attended.

Dave welcomed members and guests. He then started a discussion on measures we can take to bring a younger base of members into the club. A committee will be formed to explore some of the ideas suggested.


  • President – as above
  • Vice President – Dave Powell – no report
  • Treasurer – Dave reviewed the vacancies on the upcoming ski trips. He sent in the reservations for next year’s Craftsbury trip.
  • Secretary – Marilyn Grove – nothing to report
  • News Editor – new December issue of newsletter now online.
  • Webmaster – Bill Stine moved website to new hosting company.
  • Day Trips – Two are scheduled at this point.
  • Membership – Nancy Kauhl will be printing the membership roster before the Chistmas party,
    so people need to pay their dues.
  • Programs – Cheryl Capitani Powell announced the Dec 18 Chistmas party at Bill and Sandy Stine’s house. January 7, 2014 meeting will feature the Grand Canyon rafting trip.
  • Publicity – Dave Powell reports issues with the newspaper not printing our information regarding club events.

No Old or New Business to discuss. Motion was made at 7:35pm to end the business meeting by Bill Stine and seconded by Dave Leroy.

Program: The return of Jane and Steve Runkle for another interesting program. This meeting they entertained us with “Native American Life in the Susquehanna River Basin Region”. Once again, a great program!

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn S. Grove