Executive Committee Meeting – Dec 30, 2013


Attendees: Bill Stine, Dave Walborn, Cheryl Capitani, Dave Powell, Jean Geiger, Ron Henry, Dave LeRoy, Nancy Kauhl, Pete Oswald, Marilyn Grove

The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by President Dave Walborn to further discuss how the club can appeal to a wider range of participants.

We had a lengthy discussion regarding the pros and cons of Facebook and Twitter. Discussed was use of personal information, last names, privacy issues and the use of pictures and other cautions.

  • Bill Stine has established a K&G Facebook Page and a Twitter account. He will work on establishing some guidelines.
  • Briefly discussed “Meetup” site.
  • Suggestion to have other sports clubs exchange complimentary ads in each other’s newsletters.
  • Also discussed guest memberships for day trips, Christmas party, Ox Roast and other social events.
  • Guest member cannot hold office or serve on committees.
  • Bylaws will need revised.
  • An active day trip program may entice people to participate rather than extended trips.

Nancy made a motion that the meeting be adjourned at 8:00pm, seconded by Dave.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Grove