Membership Meeting, March 6, 2018

President Ron Henry called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Approximately 18 people attended.

During this abbreviated business meeting, Ron Henry announced that next month we would vote on nominations for club officers. So far, the slate of officers includes: President, Nancy Kauhl, Vice President elect, Fred Burgess, Treasurer, Dave Leroy, Secretary, Marilyn Grove, Webmaster, Bill Stine. We are in need of a Programs Director and Trip Co-Coordinator.

Trip Reports:

  • North Conway – Andrea reported good skiing, we had two groups, which filled 5 condos. We were able to co-ordinate activities and have both groups ski together.
  • Bethel – Lynn Pomeroy reported a food of snow and a great ski trip.
  • Inlet – Bill Pickering reported on our adventures getting there due to a snowstorm. Good skiing.
  • Lake Placid – Bill Huffman reported decent skiing at the Vic & Peninsula Trails.
  • Booneville – plenty of snow. Skiing at Carpenter Rd, Osceola and Confusion Flats. Snow shoeing at Barnes Corner.
  • Pulaski II – Peg Hampton reported that the trip was cancelled at no cost to participants due to weather forecast.

Program: Dave Leroy and Nancy Kauhl presented a short travel log of their 44-day trip to Alaska. They traveled in a trailer – The Little Guy! Some of us got to try it on for size at the Ox Roast. They included pictures of their trip to the Arctic Circle, their ride on the Alaska Railroad and lotsa bridges. Beautiful pictures!

Following the above program, we had a second business meeting to discuss the immunity policy on second concurrent trips created because of overbooked trips. We had a lengthy discussion regarding revision of our immunity policy. A motion was made by Bill Stine and seconded by Mike McMullen. Voted and passed, to eliminate 7B from the Lottery Procedure for Overbooked Trips which read as follows:

“A person or group chosen by lottery to be placed on the waiting list for a particular trip, and who do not get to participate in that trip that year, shall be exempt from a lottery for that same trip the next time it is offered in the future.”

Next general meeting, Tuesday, April 3 for election of new officers and trip planning for 2018/2019 season.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Grove