Bethel ME 2019 Trip Report

by Rick Manix
Feb 10 – 15, 2019

An intrepid band of 12 souls joined the Bethel Trip including Tom Hoober, Ed Cook, Rick Begley, Fred Burgess , Jim and Ginny Magee, Caroline Colman, Barbra Brandt, Dave Walborn, Bonnie Telegraphis, Ken Britton, and Rick Manix.

We all skied Great Glen the first day due to preceding warm weather which made some of the other areas questionable. There was plenty of snow but it was fast. The next day some of us headed to Jackson where the higher elevations had good snow. Tom and Rick went downhill skiing. As a result of good grooming, the Bethel Inn had skiable trails and were enjoyed by others from the group. On Tuesday night into Wednesday we received a foot of new snow. Tom and Rich went snow shoeing. Gould Academy was the favored venue for cross country, also it was free.

On Thursday morning the group went to Carters and found that the new snow had not been packed down as well as they would have liked. In the afternoon they once again went to Gould Academy which was perfect and the highlight of the trip. Our host Sandy one again cooked wonderful breakfasts and participants appreciated the fact that you could walk to two of the ski venues which were in town. A couple of changes this year. Big Mike, Sandy’s dog went to dog heaven and we sampled the town’s fine cuisine on two different nights.

After three years of heading the Bethel Trip I am retiring. Should anyone be interested in leading the trip next year, I will give you all my files and advice.

More Bethel
by Fred Burgess

Icy Maine trails convinced many of the Kick ‘N Gliders on February’s Bethel trip to drive higher into the White Mountains to Great Glen near Gorham, N.H. We figured better grooming equipment there would add up to a less stressful skiing experience.

I had not been to Great Glen for several years and had forgotten that one of the main trails is labeled as the Great Grumpy Grade. “How childish,” I muttered to myself when I noticed the name.

Making my way to the top of the trail, I found a stunning view of the Presidential Mountain Range and decided to stop to take a “selfie.” I wanted a picture where I didn’t look too dorky and that included a good view of the mountains behind me. Of course, this required many, many shots and lots and lots of time.

By the time I was done, nature was calling. A portable toilet was nearby, so in I went, taking care to latch the door behind be so I wouldn’t shock anyone else who wanted to use it while I was camped out there.

Everything went well till I was done and tried to leave — only to find that I couldn’t budge the latch.

I had gone to the center with other folks, but we weren’t skiing at the same pace. So I was by myself.

Talk about stress! No one was around to respond to my howls and my hammering on the door. Plus, I didn’t have cell phone coverage there, so I couldn’t even call my employer to say I had to extend my vacation.

Finally, with a mighty heave (or at least as mighty a heave as my scrawny frame could manage), I slammed open the latch and stumbled out to freedom.

And, true to the name of the trail, I was sure enough grumpy.