Lake Placid 2019 Trip Report

by Bill Hoffman
Feb 15 – 19, 2019

Good Skiing on VIC Trails

Fifteen KnG’ers (down from the original 17) arrived at our new Lake Placid digs on a rainy Friday, Feb. 15. But by 4PM the rain had changed to snow and left an inch or two overnight, freshening up an ample base.

Handy Seat on Whiteface Golf Course Trails

Our new house, having been previously rented for his family by Bill Stine, is actually two condos combined into one. With 10 bedrooms, it has a theoretical capacity of 20, but because of the way the rooms are laid out, the actual is around 16 or 17. The house has two fully equipped kitchens, plenty of bathrooms, two entrances, a hot tub, and other entertainment equipment. The only downside is limited parking on the premises, but the owner made arrangements for the excess cars to be parked at the Lake Placid Club lodge about a quarter mile away (less if you walk through the snow-covered yards of the houses across the street.

Heading to Avalanche Camp from Adirondack Loj

Saturday we opted to ski at the VIC (Visitors Interpretive Center). We broke into two, and then three groups. Only David Walborn didn’t ski, as he was feeling under the weather and chose to rest, which put him in good enough shape to ski the rest of the weekend. Conditions at the VIC were quite good in the morning, owing to grooming, but trails that got heavy use were soon rendered a little uneven, though there were no bare spots.

On Trail to Marcy Dam

Sunday brought ideal weather: a high of 25 after a morning low of -14, with negligible wind. Eight of us went to Mt. Van Hoevenberg. We did the Ladies 5K in the morning, which I found very difficult due to very thin cover. The trail was not icy but climbing and descending were quite demanding. Even with metal-edged skis, I could not get enough purchase to stay on the trail on one curve. After lunch we skied on the west side of the entrance road, where the terrain is not nearly as steep. Most of the rest of the group skied right from the house on the trails on the golf course, which connect to the Jack Rabbit Trail, and used that to reach the Peninsula trails, which they said were in excellent shape.

Trail Signs at Marcy Dam

Sunday overnight and into mid-afternoon Monday brought about 4 inches of light powdery snow, enough to cover up the slickness that had resulted from over-skiing. The group went various ways: some to Adirondack Loj, some to Mt. Van Hoevenberg, some to Cascade, a venue we have not used in many years, and a few skied locally around the house. Ken and Bonnie went home, with Ken not feeling well. This happened last year as well.

Did we eat well on this trip? A rhetorical question if ever there was one. Friday night the leader made ziti and spinach parmesan with kale and baby spinach salad. Saturday’s repast was pork and sauerkraut with mashed potatoes, baked apples and onions, with a mixed salad, and Lin Pomeroy’s apple cake for dessert. On Sunday, Bonnie Close served up chicken with green beans over rice, salad and chocolate cake. On Monday we ate leftovers, supplemented with Sue Berg’s taco soup (very much like chili) and Lin Pomeroy’s corn bread.

A successful trip for all. Participants: Rick and Bonnie Close; Bill and Sandy Stine; Dave Leroy and Nancy Kauhl; Mark Kern and Sue Berg; Ken Britton and Bonnie Telegraphis; David Walborn; Ed Cook; Wayne Kirchgasser; Lin Pomeroy; and Bill Hoffman, leader. Dropouts: Walt Pomeroy (illness) and Kim Lausch (injury (but not from skiing)).

Video compilation of photos and video clips from the Lake Placid trip: