Pulaski NY #1 2019 Trip Report

by Peg Hampton
Jan 18 – 21, 2019

Participants: Bill Morrow, Larry Wasser, David Walborn, Kathy Yinger, Pam McMullen, Mike McMullen, Bill Pickering, Kay Pickering, and trip leader, Peg Hampton

Wow! We had some fantastic snow for this trip and then the snow gods delivered an additional ten inches of snow on Saturday night!

We were a little late arriving in Pulaski as it snowed overnight in Harrisburg delaying our morning departure. The Friday afternoon ski was in Winona Forest out of the Center and Wart Road parking lot. Conditions were rated as A+. The trails were nicely groomed and tracked. Larry, Bill, David, Kathy, and Peg enjoyed a traditional loop out Winona Way to Sally’s Ride before doing an about face. We even skied some parts of Bill’s Belly trail that Peg usually avoids. We returned to the 1880 House and sampled the many pots of soup that Linda prepared.

For the first time in years, there was enough snow and conditions were so good that Pam, Mike, Larry, Bill, and Peg skied the 8.4-mile Tourathon Loop. It was 4 degrees when we started, and the temp was 7 degrees when we returned. Larry remarked that Friday was an A plus day while the conditions on Saturday were an A minus day. We finished the loop in 3 hours and 17 minutes with just a brief snack stop. We were happy to finish and return to the 1880 House for more soup and to relax before the baked ham dinner. We caught up with David and Kathy who went to Osceola for the day. Kathy purchased new skis. Bill and Kay went to Selkirk State Park and had lunch at a restaurant just across from the park entrance. We all enjoyed sitting together at one table in the dining room and eating the baked ham dinner.

Pulaski got ten inches of snow overnight. It was bitter cold and windy for the Sunday morning dig out. Most of the group decided to hunker down at the 1880 House for the day. Larry and Bill drove to Osceola and got some undivided time with Hugh Quinn, the Owner of Osceola XC Ski Center. Osceola Ski Center is up for sale – looking for a buyer that will maintain the ski center. We sure hope this gem of a ski center gets a new owner that is as dedicated as Hugh. We didn’t really earn the calories but enjoyed the lasagna dinner Sunday eve.

David left for Stowe, VT while everyone else headed for PA.

Recommended product for use when skiing – Dermatone sunscreen products. While skiing Saturday, Mike said his face felt a little tingly. Bill, Larry, and Peg said we all used Dermatone sunscreen before getting on the trail. Dermatone is the official sunscreen sponsor of the US Ski Team, US Snowboarding Team and others. Dermatone has been tested in some of the most extreme environments on Earth, including Mt. Everest, K2, and Antarctica. It is water-resistant, sweat resistant, and has a broad-spectrum SPF formula. All three of us highly recommend using this product on your face for outside winter activities