Executive Committee Meeting – July 25, 2023

Date and Time:  July 25, 2023

Location:  Zoom

Present: Board members Gary Musser, David Walborn, Ed Cook, Nancy Kauhl, Fred and Tanya Richter, Bill Stine and Fred Burgess. Bill Hoffman attended as an observer.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Mr. Musser, the club president. It was determined that a majority of the executive board was present.

Topping the agenda was the club treasurer’s post left vacant by the June 2023 death of Dave LeRoy. The present bylaws make no provision for filling a vacancy in any elective office. A  bylaw change would empower the club president to fill such a vacancy, with board approval, for the unexpired term.

After a short discussion on the options open to the club, Mr. Stine made a motion:

“That Gary appoint an interim treasurer or multiple people acting as interim treasurers until we can amend the bylaws and make the positions permanent.”

Mr. Cook seconded the motion. It passed with no dissenting votes.

Mr. Musser proposed the appointment of Mr. Hoffman as treasurer and Mr. Walborn as assistant treasurer. The proposal passed by unanimous consent.

Mr. Musser said he will also propose an amendment to the bylaws saying that If the office of president were to become vacant, the vice president would succeed to the office for the remainder of the term.

Amending the bylaws requires approval by the general membership at 2 consecutive meetings. Mr. Musser said he hopes to call for a clubwide Zoom meeting to vote on the matter at 7 p.m. Oct. 3 so that the bylaw changes could potentially be ratified at November’s regular meeting.

Ms. Kauhl, Mr. Hoffman, Mr. Walborn and Mr. Stine discussed how to change the club account to enable Mr. Hoffman to write checks. Ms. Kauhl, Mr. Walborn and Mr. Stine already have their names on the club checking account. Mr. Hoffman is to have his name added the week of July 31.

The board agreed that the club address will be changed to one in the Lancaster area. Specifics will be settled later. The personnel changes would also necessitate a change in the bank branch where the club does its business.

The board discussed obtaining new checks but did not make a decision. Several hundred checks with a Mechanicsburg address remain unused.

Mr. Stine, Mr. Walborn and Mr. Hoffman discussed whether the club should invest in a newer, $20-per-month Quicken software program. No decision was made.

The executive board recognized all those who are stepping up to allow the club to continue to function.

Mr. Musser asked Mr. Cook to report on his progress in finding a place for the club’s general business meetings. Mr. Cook said that the tentative decision for the club to meet at Lancaster Brewing Co. near Harrisburg had fallen through. He said he had looked at several places in the Elizabethtown area and has a tentative approval at Englewood restaurant near Hershey, though the final decision by Englewood cannot be made until fall.

Other board members said they will help search for a potential site in the Hershey-Harrisburg-Elizabethtown area, adding that any club member is welcome to make suggestions.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:46 p.m.

–Acting secretaries:  Fred Burgess and Fred Richter.