Executive Committee Meeting – May 8, 2023

The meeting was called to order by President Gary Musser at 7:00pm. The meeting was held via ZOOM with the following people in attendance: Gary Musser, Bill Stine, Marilyn Grove, Nancy Kauhl, Dave Leroy, Ed Cook, David Walborn, Jaime Hackman, and Fred Burgess.

Reduced membership rate for  new members:

It was discussed and decided to continue the reduced rate for new members. We are concerned about continuing to increase the size of the club and being able to keep the club together, as our current membership ages. This is a nice perk to be able to offer. Dave offered the statistic that he has found that ⅓ of new members come back the following year and ⅓ went skiing the following year. The reduced rate incentive will continue.

Limit membership to geographic area:

We discussed this and concluded that a lot of out of state people lead trips and are very helpful on trips they attend.We decided that not being from south central PA or out of state should not be an issue. Problem people can be scratched from a trip at the discretion of the trip leader according to the bylaws.

Priority to current members:

We discussed that our club policies and trip lottery are well defined and no priority will be given to current members.


Lengthy discussion regarding policy for COVID, testing, and general illness prior to or on trips already in progress.  Fred volunteered to write up a statement regarding illness. Participants will be encouraged to not go on trips if they are ill.  We will strongly encourage them to test for COVID prior to trips and bring tests along.  This will be posted on the web site and posted in the season guide.

Disruptive participants:

We discussed this issue at length and decided if someone displays disruptive behavior according to the bylaws, the decision regarding participation on trips and what action will be taken will be up to the individual trip leader.

Boonville II Trip Leader:

Another announcement will be made requesting a leader for Booneville II.  This will be done by Jaime.

Craftsbury New Year’s Trip:

We’ve had poor conditions for a number of years for this trip. We will decide in December 2023 whether to continue this trip or downsize it.  We will see how participation is this year.

Meeting location:

Jaime and Ed researched new meeting venues including Rockwells in Elizabethtown and Lancaster Brewing Co. on Eisenhower Blvd. Lancaster Brewing Co. has a place for dinner and a meeting room available. Ed will contact them and discuss further.

Meeting start time:

Ed proposed we move the start time of the meetings to 6:30pm.  People seemed to be in favor of this. Ed will make an appeal to the general membership for ideas for summer activities.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.