Meeting Schedule

Until further notice, program meetings will be held virtually via Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic .  See our Virtual Meetings page for the procedures we will use to conduct those meetings.

Program Meetings: Program Meetings are held at 7:00 pm on the first Tuesday of the month at Center Street Grille at 4 Center St, Enola, PA.

Center Street Grille, 717-732-6900, is just south of PA-944/Wertzville Rd. Find it on Google Maps. Or follow these directions from the intersection of I-83 / PA-322 / I-283:

Dinner Socials: We meet at a local restaurant at 7:00 pm on the Wednesday fifteen days after each program meeting. We eat, gab and do a little informal business at these affairs. It’s a nice time to get to know each other a little better.

Summer Activities: Since Program Chair, Nancy Borremans, knows her fellow Kick ‘n Gliders like to get together several times during the off season, she’s scheduled several activities that should be fun and give members a chance to socialize and stay in touch with the group in the summer.

Program Meetings and Socials 2020/2021

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Program Meeting - A COVID Summer - 7:00 pm, Tue, Nov 3, 2020


Review Virtual Meeting Procedures

A COVID Summer

Bill Stine will present a series of video vignettes of some of Sandy’s and his summer activities.  Some were done on their own while others were in the company of fellow Kick ‘n Gliders.

Due to limitations of Zoom meetings the video will be shown at low-definition.  HD version is available on YouTube at:

Program Meeting - Gallivanting Around Southeast Asia - 7:00 pm, Tue, Dec 1, 2020


Review Virtual Meeting Procedures

Gallivanting Around Southeast Asia

Gary Musser will present a travelogue with photos and video clips of his six-week tour of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Singapore.

Holiday Drop-In Party - 7:00-9:00 pm, Wed, Dec 16, 2020

You’re Invited to a Virtual Kick ‘n Gliders Holiday Drop-In Party Via Zoom

Date & Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm, Wednesday, December 16.



Meeting ID: 853 0867 6355

Passcode: 214748

To Join by Telephone: 301-715-8592 and use ID & Passcode above.

While we can’t get together physically for our annual Holiday Party, we can leverage technology to get together virtually.

“But,” you say, “Zoom is annoying when a whole bunch of people are all trying to talk in one big conversation!”

Well, say “Hello” to what Zoom terms “break-out rooms”! The “rooms” are like separate little Zoom sessions off the main session that all run simultaneously. They allow people gather in smaller groups to talk and lets them wander from room-to-room much like they do at in-person parties.

Here’s how it will work.

Before entering:

  • Enter your name, one that others will recognize. (Your phone number or the name “Oma” isn’t very useful for the host or others to see who is in which room.)
  • Opt to “call over the internet” rather that “dialing in”.

When you enter the party:

  • Host, Bill Stine, will admit you and offer holiday greetings.
  • Then he will tell you about the rooms and who’s in which room.
  • He’ll ask you where you’d like to start and move you into that room where the only people you’ll be see and hear will be the people in that room.

Moving to another room:

  • OK, you talked for a while and now you want to talk to people in another room. Great idea!
  • How you’ll do that will depend on your device and which version of Zoom you’re using:

Device specifics:

  • PCs, laptops, Macs and smartphones with Zoom version 5.3.0 or later: You can see who’s in each room and move yourself from room-to-room. Click the Breakout Rooms icon (group of 4 squares) in your meeting controls at the bottom or side of your screen.
    • This will display the list of breakout rooms created by the host and who is in each room.
    • Click Join next to the name of the Breakout Room you wish to participate in, then confirm by clicking Join again.
    • Repeat as you wish to move to other rooms later on, or click Leave Room to return to the main Zoom room.
  • Those with other kinds of devices or earlier versions of Zoom will have to get assistance from the host.
    • Click the “Raise Hand” icon on your device.
    • The host will be notified and will bring you back into the main room.
    • The host will then ask which room you want to go to next and will move you to that room.

Break-out rooms work with Zoom version 5.3.0 or later so it’s best to update your app. So, you ask, “Which version of Zoom do I have?”

  • On Desktop Apps on PC, Mac, or Linux
    • Open Zoom
    • Click your profile picture or symbol at top right of screen and click Check for Updates.
  • On Mobile Apps on Android and iOS
    • Open Settings, Apps, Zoom, advanced and at the bottom will be the version number.
  • No Zoom app installed on your device?
    • Then you are using Zoom’s web browser client. The web client functions best on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Chromium Edge, but has limited features. You will need assistance to move from room-to-room.
    • Your always have the option to install the app directly on your device.

Program Meeting - Physical Conditioning - 7:00 pm, Tue, Jan 5, 2020

Justin Geissinger, PT, DPT of Prana Physical Therapy will speak on topics of interest to cross country skiers such as pre-ski and post ski stretching exercises.

A native of Lancaster County, Justin earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Neumann University in 2012.

He is an avid runner, often seen running around the West End of Lancaster City or on the trails of the County Park. He is constantly chasing down new personal records at local 5k’s, 5-miler’s and the occasional marathon.

Justin will speak for about 30 minutes and then take questions.

This will be a Zoom meeting:

Meeting ID: 830 8881 9935
Passcode: 226068

By Telephone: 301 715 8592 and use ID and Passcode above.



Program Meeting - Tips on Travel Photography - 7:00 pm, Tue, Mar 2, 2020

Tips on Travel Photography by Larien (Larry) Bieber

Several Kick 'n Glider members know Larry through their participation on the trips he organizes all over the world. Those who have traveled with him know that a camera is always firmly in hand and put to regular use.  Others know by the beautiful framed photos that adorn the walls of his office.

Larry will present a brief photography teaching session, followed by photos from his travels in the Galapagos, Bhutan, and Iceland.  Those photos both tell about those countries and his trips there.   They also demonstrate some of the concepts presented in the first part of his presentation.