Membership Meeting – April 2, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 7:09PM. Approximately 18 members attended. The following reports were received:

  1. Dave Leroy reported that he attended the meeting on March 2 at Osceola where the future of the ski center was discussed. One person who expressed interest in buying the center withdrew. Dave encouraged all members to fill out the questionnaire that had been circulated, if for no other reason than to show there is interest in keeping the center going beyond the 2019-20 season.
  2. David Walborn thanked all trip leaders for leading and for submitting reports to the newsletter.
  3. A reminder of the banquet on May 7 was made by Nancy Kauhl.

Then Ron Henry presided over the nomination process. The following candidates have been nominated and agreed to serve for the coming year:

President Fred Burgess
Vice-President/President-Elect Andrea Hospodar
Secretary Marilyn Grove
Treasurer Dave LeRoy
Membership Nancy Kauhl
Extended Trip Coordinators David Walborn & Nancy Class
Day Trip Coordinator Bill Stine
Webmaster Bill Stine
Programs Mike McMullen & Tom Hoober
Editor Nancy Kauhl

The only nomination from the floor was Tom Hoober. The slate was then approved by a unanimous vote.

Planning for next year’s trips occupied the remainder of the meeting. Here is the tentative schedule, with the leader(s), subject to confirmation by the trip leader(s) that the selected venue is available at the time desired. Trips in bold are already confirmed.

Craftsbury 1 Dec 28-Jan 1 Dave LeRoy
Boonville 1 Jan 10-13 Fred Burgess & Barb Sears
Cazenovia Jan 14-17 Bill Hoffman
Pulaski 1 Jan 17-20 Peggy Hampton
Lake Placid Jan 20-25 Bill Hoffman
Stowe Jan 26-31 Pam & Dennis Dunn
North Conway 1 Jan 31 – Feb 8 Andrea Hospodar
Bethel Feb 9-13 Tom Hoober & Ed Cook
Laurentians Feb 13-20 Bill & Sandy Stine
Pulaski 2 Feb 20-23 Peggy Hampton
North Conway 2 Feb 23-28 Nancy Kauhl
Inlet Feb 28 – Mar 2/3 Mike McMullen
Craftsbury 2 Mar 2-6 Martha McGraw
Boonville 2 Mar 6-10 Bill & Sandy Stine

Trip leaders are asked to notify David Walborn & Nancy Class when they have confirmed their venues.

Meeting adjourned at 8:12 pm.

By Bill Hoffman, substitute secretary