Membership Meeting – January 3, 2023

Co President, Tanya Richter called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.
Approximately 18 people attended.

Officers” Reports:

  • Co Presidents – no report
  • Vice President – Gary Musser, absent, no report
  • Treasurer – Dave LeRoy – absent, Dave is in the Hampden Medical Center
  • Secretary – Marilyn Grove, no report. Meeting notes from the December meeting were approved.
  • Webmaster – Bill Stine, absent, no report
  • Trip Co Ordinators – Dave Walborn & Jaime Hackman, both absent, no report

Old Business:

  • Holiday party was reported as wonderful. A big thank you to Stine’s for hosting.
  • Thank you notes were received from Catamount and Jack Rabbit for our recent contribution.
  • Crystal Lake will not open this year due to lack of staff.

New Business:

  • Trip Openings – Martha announced she has an opening on Craftsbury II for 1 female and 1 male. Andrea announced she has opening for 1 female on North Conway. North Conway II the same week has opening for one couple.
  • Trip Report – Craftsbury NY’s Trip – Most people skied Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and some skiing on Saturday. Snowshoeing was enjoyed by several also. Fred led a 7 mile “death march” New Year’s Eve was celebrated in the Community Room at 9:00 pm Greenland time. No bonfire. Once again, we had good food. Only injury on the trip was reported when a skier fell out of bed injuring his shoulder. (just a contusion, everything’s good).
  • Next social on January 18 – Hershey Thai Restaurant. (Sawasdee)

Business meeting adjourned at 7:09 pm.

Andrea introduced our speakers, Fred and Tanya Richter who recently spent 21 days in Argentina, Chile and Patagonia. Andrea translated as we brushed up on our Spanish. Fred led us in history lessons featuring beautiful slides of waterfalls, native birds (including penguins), and glaciers. Great visual trip to the “end of the world”.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Grove