Membership Meeting – March 7, 2023

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm. By Vice President Gary Musser.

Approximately 21 people attended.

Officers’ Reports

  • Co Presidents – absent, no report
  • Vice President – Gary Musser, no report
  • Treasurer – Dave Leroy announced refund checks will be issued soon. Please be patient.
  • Secretary – Marilyn Grove, no report. Minutes from the January 2023 meeting were approved.
  • Webmaster – Bill Stine states he updated Places to Ski.
  • Trip Co-ordinator – David Walborn, nothing to report
  • Newsletter – Nancy Kauhl would like any articles for the next Easy Glider to be submitted before
  • next Monday, March 13.
  • Programs – Andrea Hospodar, nothing to report

Old Business

Fred Burgess presented the following slate of officers for election at the April 4 meeting:

  • President – Gary Musser
  • Vice President – Fred Burgess
  • Secretary – Marilyn Grove
  • Treasurer – Dave LeRoy
  • Extended Trips – David Walborn & Jamie Hackman
  • Day Trips – Bill Stine
  • Programs – Ed Cook
  • Membership – Nancy Kauhl
  • Newsletter Editor – Nancy Kauhl

New Business:

  • Andrea states it has been suggested to her that the general meetings be moved to afternoons rather than evening meetings. Also suggestions were made to check into the availability of Sorrento’s in Hershey, Mt Joy Diner and Hershey Bistro as more centrally located meeting places.
  • Next meeting April 4, 2023.

Business meeting adjourned at 7:12pm.


Andrea introduced her brother, Cory Schaeffer, who amazed us with his program “Skiing the Headwall at Tuckerman Ravine”. We started the adventure with a video of Tuckerman’s Ravine provided by Andrea. After meeting at the Wilderness Adventure Center, the group hiked 2½ miles to Ho Jo base camp. This looked like fun – sign me up! The group continued straight up the Ravine carrying their skis, crampons, ice picks and backpacks. They experienced difficulty inhaling and exhaling (depending which way you were facing) due to hurricane force winds, blocks of ice falling down the mountain, and -40 degree temps. I am losing interest in doing this. After a blind leap over the edge of the headwall, 60 mph exhilarating descending speeds and many crashes with miles of tumbling, they continued down the mountain. No way! So glad Corey survived his multiple skis down the headwall and was able to share his adventure with us!

Respectful submitted,

Marilyn S. Grove