Membership Meeting – November 9, 2021

President Fred Burgess called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm.

Approximately 22 people attended.

Officers’ Reports:

  • President Fred Burgess – no report
  • Vice Presidents Fred & Tanya Richter, absent, no report
  • Secretary – Marilyn Grove, no report
  • Treasurer – Dave LeRoy, absent, no report
  • Webmaster – Bill Stine, absent, no report
  • Extended Ski Trips – David Walborn, no report
  • Membership, Newsletter Editor/Publisher – Nancy Kauhl, reviewed trip vacancies
  • Past President – Andrea Hospodar, absent, no report
  • Programs, Cheryl Capitani, reviewed summer activities which included Mt Gretna Bike Ride, Pole Steeple Hike, Darlington Trail to AT, and NW Lancaster County River Trail

Old Business: – None

New Business:

  • Cheryl announced that Steve Runkle ( a frequent featured speaker) is having health issues. She will write him a letter of encouragement and thanks for all the programs he has done for our club.
  • There is a new REI store on Carlisle Pike and Cheryl would like to put a flyer in the store to promote our club.
  • Nancy announced she needs any articles for the newsletter by Sunday, 11/14/21.
  • Next Social November 17 at DaVinci’s.
  • Next Business Meeting December 7 at 7:00 Center Street Grill.
  • Business Meeting adjourned at 7:17pm.


Cheryl introduced Julie Queen. She is the manager of the Appalachian Trail Museum (the only museum solely dedicated to hiking in the country!) We learned some interesting facts about the museum. Did you know it is at the midway point of the AT? Has three floors open to the public? Has more books on hiking than any other museum in the country and has volunteer opportunities! Julie included a picture of Nimble Nomad and our own Nan
Reisinger, who are the oldest thru hikers. Julie finished her talk with pictures of her own outdoor adventures! A fun presentation.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn S Grove