One-Day Trips

Our One-Day Trips system is a Do-It-Yourself deal.  Using our special “One-Day Trips Email List” members propose, lead and participate in one day trips.

On these trips participants usually drive to nearby destinations such as a local parks with skiable trails (you’ll need equipment) or to one of the commercial operations (e.g. Crystal Lake or Laurel Ridge State Park) where they groom trails and offer rental gear & lessons. We “chase the snow” and arrange trips on an ad-hoc basis via the Day Trips Email List. You need not be a member of the of our club to join the list, however we may ask you to sign a waiver before participating.

Join Our One-Day Trips Email List!

You can subscribe, send emails to and unsubscribe from the list without any assistance from club members.  And, you need not be a member of the Kick ‘n Gliders Nordic Ski Club to join the mailing list.

NOTE: Anyone who abuses the list by using profanity, attempting to market products or any other use deemed offensive by the list administrator will be permanently banned from the list.

To Subscribe to the list:

  • Send an empty e-mail from the email account that you wish to use to receive list messages to:
  • Note: No need for a subject or message text. After subscribing, you will get all e-mail sent by other subscribers to the list!

To Send a Message to everyone on the list:

To Unsubscribe from the list:

  • Use the link near the bottom of any e-mail from the list. You’ll get a confirmation e-mail that you’ve been removed.


  • List members propose leading a trip by sending a message to the list. The leader should suggest a place and time for participants to meet for the purposes of planning the day, providing driving directions and organizing ride sharing.
  • People interested in participating in the trip should respond, indicating their interest, asking any questions they might have and making suggestions.
  • Trip leaders have the option to decline to accept a prospective participant on their trip.