Potter County Area

Susquehannock State Forest Area

Denton Hill XC Trail System

The most popular area ski trail is the Denton Hill XC trail system. Most of the trail is groomed periodically during the season. At over 20 miles, it provides skiing opportunities for the beginner or the experienced. Suggested loops vary from a few miles to over 12 miles. It begins at the District Office. One leg of the trail terminates behind Susquehannock Lodge.

District Office Trailhead Lat,Long: 41.76925,-77.87178

Lumber Museum Trailhead Lat,Long: 41.778324,-77.828149

Susquehannock Lodge Trailhead Lat,Long: 41.78243,-77.80059

Map: https://elibrary.dcnr.pa.gov/GetDocument?docId=1741677&DocName=sf-FD15-DentonHillXCntrySkiGuide.pdf

Billy Lewis Trail

The 14 mile Billy Lewis Bike, Hike, and Cross-Country Ski Trail begins at the Susquehanna State Forest District Office.  It winds southward from there terminating in Cherry Springs State Park. There are multiple trailheads listed below.

District Office Trailhead Lat,Long: 41.76925, -77.87178

Patterson SP Trailhead Lat,Long: 41.696194,-77.893707

Cherry Springs Rd Trailhead Lat,Long: 41.684239,-77.877715

Cherry Springs SP Trailhead Lat,Long: 41.663223,-77.823497

Website: https://www.dcnr.pa.gov/StateForests/FindAForest/Susquehannock/Pages/Skiing.aspx

Map: https://elibrary.dcnr.pa.gov/GetDocument?docId=1741671&DocName=sf-FD15-BillyLewisBikeTrail.pdf

Patterson SP

Patterson State Park is tiny but the Billy Lewis Trail runs through it so it serves as a trailhead.

Trailhead Lat,Long: 41.696194,-77.893707

Map: http://elibrary.dcnr.pa.gov/GetDocument?docId=1737376&DocName=PATT_ParkMap.pdf

Cherry Springs SP

A one-mile easy trail that connects with the Billy Lewis Trail.

Trailhead Lat,Long: 41.663223,-77.823497

Map: http://elibrary.dcnr.pa.gov/GetDocument?docId=1737887&DocName=CHSP_ParkMap.pdf

Pine Mountain Ski Trail

The Pine Mountain Cross-country Ski Trail is 1.8 miles long. The figure-eight trail offers a short loop of 1 mile (round-trip) and a long loop of 1.8 miles (round trip). The trail is marked with red 2 x 6 inch rectangles. The trail traverses relatively flat ground and is rated as Easy. Six to twelve inches of snow are recommended for the best skiing conditions. The trail is not groomed, though the trail is skied regularly when conditions are ideal.

Trailhead Lat,Long: 41.5563,-77.648787

Map: https://elibrary.dcnr.pa.gov/GetDocument?docId=1741673&DocName=sf-FD15-PineMtnXCntrySkiTrail.pdf

Black Forest Trails

The cross-country ski trails in the Tiadaghton State Forest were largely due to the efforts of past DCNR employees Bob Webber and John Eastlake, who can also be credited with laying out the scenic Black Forest Trail. Webber and Eastlake were “way ahead of their time” regarding the promotion of cross-country skiing in the Commonwealth.

Sentiero DiShay Ski Trail

The Sentiero DiShay Ski Trail is located in the Black Forest area off of Route 44. It is a 13.2 mile loop trail that intersects Route 44 twice as well as many forestry roads. The trail also intersects the Francis X Kennedy, George Will, and Pine Bog Ski Trails. While skiing the trail, you will enjoy a variety of terrains and forest types, and you will ski through open mixed hardwoods, areas with a dense understory, and areas of dense evergreens.

Trailhead Lat,Long: 41.525034,-77.614441

Map: http://elibrary.dcnr.pa.gov/GetDocument?docId=3631905&DocName=FD12%20Tiadaghton%20Sentiero%20Dishay%20Cross%20Country%20Ski%20Trail%202021.pdf

Francis X. Kennedy Ski Trail

The blue-blazed Francis X. Kennedy (FXK) Trail The trail is an intermediate 4.6-mile loop that adjoins the northern-most segment of the Sentiero Di Shay Ski Trail. The trail is named after the late former district manager, Francis Kennedy, who was a combat-wounded WWII veteran and member of the infamous 10th Mountain Division. Parking is available in a small parking lot adjacent to PA-44.

Trailhead Lat,Long: 41.49075,-77.58149

Map: http://elibrary.dcnr.pa.gov/GetDocument?docId=3631905&DocName=FD12%20Tiadaghton%20Sentiero%20Dishay%20Cross%20Country%20Ski%20Trail%202021.pdf

Pine Bog Loop

The Pine Bog Ski Trail is an easy 2.1 mile loop that branches off the southern end of the Sentiero DiShay Trail. It will take you through a mature pine forest with wetland areas on both sides of the trail at many points.

Trailhead Lat,Long: 41.49076,-77.58147

Map: http://elibrary.dcnr.pa.gov/GetDocument?docId=3631905&DocName=FD12%20Tiadaghton%20Sentiero%20Dishay%20Cross%20Country%20Ski%20Trail%202021.pdf

George Will Trail

The first trail in this area was built in the early 70’s and was named the George B. Will Ski Trail in honor of one of our early forest rangers. George was skiing in the Black Forest as early as 1914, and his wife Ruth commanded the area’s fire tower for over 30 years. She has a trail named in her honor as well.

Trailhead Lat,Long: 41.47337,-77.56697

Map: http://elibrary.dcnr.pa.gov/GetDocument?docId=3596111&DocName=FD12%20Tiadaghton%20George%20Ruth%20Will%20Cross%20Country%20Ski%20Trail%202021.pdf

Ruth Will Trail

Ruth Will commanded the area’s fire tower for over 30 years and this trail is named in her honor. Her husband, George B. Will, was one of the area’s early forest rangers. George was skiing in the Black Forest as early as 1914 and has a trail named after him as well.

Trailhead Lat,Long: 41.46828,-77.56815

Map: http://elibrary.dcnr.pa.gov/GetDocument?docId=3596111&DocName=FD12%20Tiadaghton%20George%20Ruth%20Will%20Cross%20Country%20Ski%20Trail%202021.pdf