Parc Régional de Val-David‑Val-Morin

The Parc Régional de Val-David-Val-Morin includes 63 km of trails ski trails and groomed and 17 km of back-country trails in the Far Hills part of the park. There are trails for all skiing levels. There is a modest daily fee to use the Park. In addition there are 30 km of snowshoe trails marked and maintained.

Val David Trailhead Lat,Long: 46.02805,-74.20021

Far Hills Trailhead Lat,Long: 46.02261,-74.15840



Domaine St-Bernard, Mont-Tremblant

Trails are spread over an area of over 25 square kilometers of forests, meadows, lakes, streams and the River La Diable. Several trails are lined with interpretive signs to the fauna and flora. you can pick up get sunflower seeds from the touring center and enjoy feeding the chickadees. There are 74 km for classic skiing, 71 km suitable for skating and 16 km of back country trails. 46% of the trails are classified easy, 37% as difficult and 17% as very difficult.

Trailhead Lat,Long: 46.180722,-74.56867



Camping Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts

In addition to more than 48 km of marked and mechanically classic groomed and track-set cross-country trails (for all levels of skiers), they also offer 12 km of snowshoeing trails.

Trailhead Lat,Long: 46.02998,-74.28723

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Parc Linéaire Le P’tit Train du Nord

The Parc Linéaire Le P’tit Train du Nord is a multiuse recreational rail trail located in Quebec, Canada. It runs through the Rivière du Nord valley. It originally was a railway line operated by Canadian Pacific Railway which operated it at a continuous financial loss since its construction in the 1890s.


A few of many parking areas that serve the trail:

Val David
Trailhead Lat,Long: 46.03056,-74.20648

Parc régional de Val-David – Val-Morin
Trailhead Lat,Long: 46.02709,-74.19996

Le Mapache
Trailhead Lat,Long: 46.01067,-74.17320

Trailhead Lat,Long: 46.00944,-74.16949

Trailhead Lat,Long: 45.99046,-74.11643

Trailhead Lat,Long: 45.87332,-74.07569

Ski De Fonds Gai-Luron

Gai-Luron offers eight groomed trails totaling more than 27 km for classic skiing and 1 track for skate skiing. On weekends a restaurant is open across the road. There is a nice office/rental space in the main building with an adjacent warming hut and waxing room. Two more warming huts are along the trails. A very agreeable place!

Trailhead Lat,Long: 45.84175,-74.07308



Diable Network – Parc du Mont-Tremblant

In La Diable sector, about 60 km of ski trails are marked and mechanically groomed. The trails are spread over 10 circuits, ranging from easy to difficult. You can take a break at one of the 6 warming huts heated with a wood stove. A 12-km skate skiing trail network is also available.

Trailhead Lat,Long: 46.325713,-74.500608



Morin Heights

The village of Morin-Heights maintains a cross-country and snowshoe trail network of 130 km, of which 65 km is track set. With a few exceptions the network is single track set, with a recommended direction of travel to ensure safety. The narrow width of most trails combined with hilly terrain provides a unique attraction not found in many other centres. It is for these reasons that Morin-Heights remains a classic style network. The trails interconnect with those of the Viking Ski Club and passes are reciprical. There are also dedicated ungroomed backcountry trails and snowshoe trails.

Corridor Aerobique Trailhead Lat,Long: 45.900637,-74.250893

Back Country Trailhead Lat,Long: 45.92844,-74.27637

Viking Ski Club Trailhead Lat,Long: 45.86885,-74.29066



Ouareau Forest Regional Park

Ouareau Forest Regional Park offers a vast territory for outdoor enthusiasts. The park has a mountain incorporating a network of multi-use trails (walking, cycling, cross country skiing and snowshoeing) 120 km. Many shelters and rustic camping sites allow longer stay for hikers.

Trailhead Lat,Long: 46.22405,-74.04669




Less formal network of trails, some groomed, many cleared in autum but ungoomed. Lots of skiing here, some of it rather challenging.

Trailhead Lat,Long: 45.96448,-74.32886