Virtual Meetings

For at least November and December, 2020, Kick ‘n Gliders’ program meetings will be held virtually via Zoom.

As Zoom meetings go, our meetings are considered “large” events and large Zoom meetings can cause issues.  They include:

  • Background noise,
  • Distracting visual background and
  • People talking over others

Therefore, accepted practice is that the meeting “host” manages the participant’s video and audio.  Bill Stine will act as the host for our meetings.

The host will “schedule” the Zoom meeting and will send an email invitation to it a few days prior and, again, about half an hour prior to the start of the meeting.  The host will open the meeting for participants to join about fifteen minutes before the meeting begins.

The invitation email will include:

  • A LINK to join the meeting,
  • A meeting ID and PASSWORD to use in case you use a device for Zoom other than the one you receive your email on and
  • A phone number in case you want to join the meeting with audio only via a traditional phone call.

When you join the meeting the host may ask that you TURN OFF your video and MUTE your audio.  If you are a presenter or other main participant the host will allow your video and audio to remain ON.  Generally, participants should mute their audio when not actually addressing participants.

When a participant has a question or comment during the meeting they can utilize Zoom’s “Raise Hand” feature.  Depending on what kind of device you are using, the raise hand feature is usually represented by an icon near the bottom of your screen.  When you raise your hand your request appears on the host’s screen and the host will send you a message asking you to unmute your audio so you can speak.  Everyone in the meeting will be able to hear your comment or question.

There is also a “chat” feature on zoom and the host will have a chat window open so you can send a private message or question to the host.

We will not be able to provide assistance with using Zoom on the day of the meeting.  If you are uncertain how to use Zoom, please contact our host, Bill Stine, at least a day prior to the meeting to practice or to have your questions answered.