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(Excerpted from the Bylaws of the Kick 'N Gliders Nordic Ski Club)

Article XI.
General Rules of the Club

Article XI, Section 1. No member or members of this Club shall obligate or commit the Club to any major endeavor, unusual activity or extraordinary action, unless Executive Committee approval shall have previously been obtained.

Article XI, Section lA. Every member agrees to abide by the Kick 'N Gliders’ Constitution and Bylaws and the Club Rules of Conduct, recognizing the social nature of the group and the authority and discretion granted to the Executive Committee herein.

Article XI. Section 2. Members desire to participate in the various activities of the Club. Each must recognize that all activities are strenuous and involve substantial risks of accident, injury and even death. Such activities, although engaged in as a group, are essentially individual activities/sports for which each individual must be physically and mentally prepared and capable, and in which each individual is essentially responsible for his own safety. The Club is simply an unincorporated association of interested persons which offers a central meeting point for those desiring to engage in the various activities; the Club does not sponsor or operate the activities for its benefit or profit; the leaders, the providers of motor vehicles, and drivers are all volunteers who lead or drive as an accommodation and not for their benefit or profit; the Club, its officers, the trip leaders, the activity leaders, vehicle owners, and vehicle drivers may not have (and in reliance hereon may not purchase) any insurance covering the individual or benefiting him in the event of accident, injury or death. Finally, each individual must recognize that many Club activities are conducted in wilderness or backcountry areas where appropriate medical care may be either totally unavailable, or hours and miles away and therefore inadequate in the event of emergency, but trip leaders and activity participants do not necessarily have any specific rescue, first aid, medical, or leadership skills or training. Each individual must understand that any and all trip leaders, activity leaders, and fellow participants are entitled to, and will rely on, the individual's ability to participate with the others.

I hereby recognize the Kick 'N Gliders as a nonprofit, unincorporated association of persons who have voluntarily organized themselves to participate in and enjoy various activities. I hereby certify that I have read the above section of the Club's Bylaws and understand the responsibilities of being a Club member and release, discharge and waive the Kick 'N Gliders and each and every one of its members from any and all liability for any loss, damage or injury I may suffer or sustain as a result of any of the activities of the Kick 'N Gliders by signing my name below.

I agree to abide by the Kick 'N Gliders Constitution and Bylaws and the Club Rules of Conduct.

I recognize the authority of the Executive Committee to revoke membership for violation of the Kick 'n Gliders’ Constitution and Bylaws or the Club Rules of Conduct.

I recognize the authority of each trip leader to determine the composition of the roster for his trip.

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