March 6, 2007 Membership Meeting

Attendees: Wanda Cole, Emory Ehrenfeld, Frank Geiger, Jean Geiger, Jeff Grove, Marilyn Grove, Peggy Hampton, Weekend Trip Coordinator, Carolyn Hoffman, Grace House, Nancy Kauhl, Dave LeRoy, Treasurer, Beth Major, Dennis Major, Mike McMullen, Members, Pam McMullen, Tim Musser, Debbie Olsen, Roger Olsen, Pete Oswald, Newsletter Editor, Bill Pickering, Program Coordinator, Kay Pickering, Dave Powell, President, January Powell, Secretary & Past President, Nan Reisinger, Day Trip Coordinator, Fred Richter, Tanya Richter, Dave Robinson, Carole Rockland, Ed Rockland, Martha Ruff, Joan Short, Murray Sperling, Bill Stine, Vice President, Sandy Stine, Emilie Tierney, Phyllis Zitzer

The meeting was called to order by President Dave Powell at 7:05 PM.

The nominating committee chair January Powell announced the 2007-2008 slate of officers:

President Bill Stine
Vice President/President Elect Peggy Hampton
Secretary Marilyn Grove
Treasurer David LeRoy
Trip Coordinator Nancy Borremans
Program Coordinator Tanya Richter
Membership Chairman Michael McMullen
Immediate Past President David Powell
Day Trip Coordinator Nan Reisinger
Newsletter Editor Peter Oswald

If anyone is interested in running for any office, nominations can be made from the floor at the April 3 membership meeting. Voting will occur after the nominations are closed. January thanked Sandy Stine and Nan Reisinger for their help in coming up with this slate.

The following trip reports of our completed trips were given:

  • Garnett Hill February 16 – 19 – Leader Bill Stine reported that the ski conditions at Garnet Hill
    were good. The group skied at Garnet Hill, back country trails, and the Cunningham ski barn. On the back country trails eighteen inches of snow made breaking a trail a real job. The Cunningham ski barn was not impressive.
  • Ottawa February 19 – 23– Leader January Powell reported that 24 participants had a good time skiing at Gatineau and Nakkertok. Participants also enjoyed sightseeing in Ottawa. The only downside to the trip was the hotel. If this trip is ran again, we should look for other lodging.
  • Inlet March 2 – 5– Dave LeRoy reported that the skiing at Inlet was marvelous. There was about six inches of new fluffy snow every morning. Members skied at Cascade, Big Otter, and Fern Park. We will go back next year at about the same time. We will again let our deposit from this year ride until next year.
  • There is only one remaining trip: Winter Park March 10 – 17. Leader Carolyn Hoffman conducted a pre trip meeting before tonight’s membership meeting. The trip departs early next Saturday morning from Harrisburg International Airport.

President Dave Powell announced the following upcoming events:

  • Wednesday March 21 – social at TGIF Union Deposit Road
  • Tuesday April 2 – membership meeting. Officers for the 2007 – 2008 season will be elected, and
    trips for the 2007-2008 season will be planned. If you want to lead a trip please come prepared with cost,
    dates, and any other pertinent information
  • Wednesday April 18 – social at the Pizza Grill in Shiremanstown.

Treasurer Dave LeRoy announced that there will be refunds on some of the trips. The refunds will be delayed because Dave is almost out of checks. If you have the need for a large sum that you have paid for the club, see Dave. Otherwise refunds will be made after the Winter Park trip.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:20.

PROGRAM: The Richters gave an entertaining presentation about their four month stint as park rangers in Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah. Thanks to Bill Stine for providing the technical expertise to get Fred’s Apple computer to work with the club’s projector. The pictures of the Southwest were wonderful, from the petroglyphs and pictograms to the glitz of Las Vegas. During their stay in Utah both the Stines and the Powells visited the Richters doing a lot of hiking in the backcountry and canyons of Utah.

Dennis Major won the $25 gift certificate for Wildware Back Country.

Respectfully submitted,
January Powell, Secretary