Executive Committee Meeting – March 27, 2007

Attendees: Dave Powell, President, Bill Stine, Vice President, Dave LeRoy, Treasurer, January Powell, Secretary & Past President,
Bill Pickering, Program Coordinator, Pete Oswald, Newsletter Editor, Nan Reisinger, Day Trip Coordinator

Not attending: Peggy Hampton, Weekend Trip Coordinator, Mike McMullen, Membership Chair

The meeting was called to order by President Dave Powell at 7:10 PM.

Treasurer Dave LeRoy stated that we gave $1000 in donations this past year. We also spent $445.48 building a shelter for Crystal Lake. The project was under budget and completed before the ski season. We gave monetary contributions to Crystal Lake, Walking Jim, and some of our favorite trails, Jack Rabbit Trail, Catamount Trail, and Winona Forest (Tourathon Trails).

David Le Roy reviewed the club’s long standing refund policies. This year all trips but Lake Placid broke even. The policy stated in the bylaws is that refunds are rounded down to the nearest $5.00. Because of this we had a monetary cushion that helped to pay for the Lake Placid trip.

A club credit card was discussed, but it was decided that this would cause more problems then it would solve. Presently members use their own credit cards to pay for expenses. This is OK, but where possible Dave LeRoy requested that where possible, trip leaders pay for expenses using a check from K ‘n G. This makes the auditing easier and more straight forward.

In the future if someone sends a deposit in for a trip that is less than the published deposit, Dave Leroy will not reserve a place for this person, and he will send the check back with an explanation.

In the future, new members will be sent a copy of the bylaws, the Season Guide, the latest newsletter and a welcoming letter.

The trip finance policy was discussed in great detail. Vice President Bill Stine wrote a trip policy explanation to be included in the Season Guide. Bill will rewrite the policy to be discussed in the future.

The 2005-2006 books have not been closed. Treasurer Dave LeRoy is still waiting for the 2006 Ottawa trip to be closed. President Dave Powell will contact Peggy Hampton to ask her close out the trip as soon as possible.

The digital projector use policy was reviewed. The projector will be used, in order of priority:
For club meetings.

  1. For presentations on ski trips or other club functions.
  2. For club members’ personal use for a $30 fee. The member will sign a paper agreeing to take responsibility for the projector.
  3. President Dave Powell got a notice of our next membership trip planning meeting published in the Harrisburg Sunday Patriot News in the Sports for the Participant section.

President Dave Powell adjourned the meeting at 8:50.Executive Committee

Respectfully submitted,
January Powell, Secretary