Executive Committee Meeting – November 20, 2007

Attendees: Dave LeRoy, Dennis Major, Jesse Jepsen, Dave Powell, Pete Oswald, Peg Hampton, Mike McMullen, Nancy Borremans, Karen Northeimer, Marilyn Grove, Bill Stine

President Bill Stine called meeting to order at 7:10 pm.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Dave Leroy states there are some discrepancies in the books. He and Bill Hoffman will work on these and when they are complete, Dave will report on them. Since we spent more money than we took in, we will need to consider raising club dues.
  • Discussed doing newsletter as email to save money.
  • Trip participation is up and membership is down. Discussed the need to do some financial planning for next year.
  • Use of membership cards vs. club roster was reviewed. Since a 10% discount is offered to our members at Wildware and other discounts available elsewhere. ……. Do we need membership cards for identification to take advantage of discounts offered? A full listing of discounts available to members will be in upcoming newsletter. Discussed at length and it was decided to use the club roster for identification purposes. Motion to use the roster was made by Bill Stine, seconded by Dave Powell. All present were in favor.


  • Nancy Borremans reviewed the situation at Crystal Lake regarding the ownership transitions. Liz (last name???) is the new owner of Crystal Lake (nonprofit) Nancy has been trying to negotiate a cabin rental during this transition. Anna was in charge of cabin rentals last year and they lost money. We need to clear all camp use with Liz through John. Anna told Dennis M. that she could influence Liz on our behalf regarding cabin rentals. Trails will be open December 15 with business as usual as far as trail use goes. Food services are questionable.
  • We considered this year’s donation to Crystal Lake for winter programs in the amount of $500. Motion to donate $500 to Crystal Lake was made by Dave L. and seconded by Dennis M. Other donations of $100 each will be made to Catamount, Tourathon, and Jack Rabbit. Motion to donate $100 to above three programs made by Dave P. and seconded by Dave L.
    Craftsbury trip has 20 signed up at this time. Thirty-four spots (17 rooms) have been reserved with a $20 per room penalty for canceling at this time. Next year 14 rooms (28 spots) will be reserved.
  • Laurentians trip is still on. The US dollar has fallen 20% so participants will accept a modest increase in trip price.


  • Swap meet and refreshments discussed. Will ask Tanya R to come back with a figure for beverage, fruit, chips, cookies or other light fare for this meeting. Consideration was given to finding a new room for our general membership meetings. as we seem to be outgrowing our meeting room at Wildware . We like our association with Wildware so we will try to “tough it out” for a while longer.
  • Spring Banquet will be held on April 16, 2008 at the Officer’s Club. Peg H made the deposit for the banquet and reports she should have menus in a few months. She will submit an article on the banquet for the newsletter.
  • Bill S. states he took care of obtaining the gift certificates from Wildware used at general membership meetings. ($125 for 5 gift certificates)


  • Mike M will add the date our membership is paid up to individual newsletters (similar to magazine subscription label codes).
  • Cut off date for “People to Ski With” is mid December. If you want to be included in the list you need to pay your dues.
  • Dave L showed us the new membership cards, which Nancy K designed. The mini application and release statement were eliminated on the new business style card.

Day Trips: Nan R. absent, nothing to report.

Newsletter: Pete O., nothing to report.

Website: Jesse J and Bill S. Bill is serving as interim web master. He completely reworked the website and is open to any suggestions for improvement.

Secretary: Marilyn G, nothing to report.

Nominating Committee: Dave P will begin the process of pulling together a committee to work on the next slate of officers.

Ski Book: On hold.

Vice President, Elect: Peg H. – nothing to report.

President: Bill S. reports that he and Sandy set up a club stand during Wildware Community Day.


  • Jesse J has an article for the newsletter regarding past trail maintenance at Crystal Lake on Sat November 17 and announcement of the upcoming date of December 9.
  • Trips and availability were reviewed at this time.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Grove