Executive Committee Meeting – February 26, 2008

Attendees: Bill Stine, Pete Oswald, Nan Reisinger, Nancy Borremans, Dave LeRoy, Peg Hampton, Marilyn Grove

President Bill Stine called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm.


Management of the club’s budget was the first topic of discussion. We reviewed and discussed the club’s budget history, minimum balance history and looked at a sample budget. The current yearly cost of the club’s newsletter is $1200-1400 and our dues barely cover this expense. Club Treasurer, Dave LeRoy will look at our numbers and come back with a proposal regarding raising the dues and the amount. Club By-laws state that the Executive Committee may determine the annual club dues. However, we do need to put an explanation in the newsletter as to why they are being raised.

Spring Banquet:

Peg Hampton reported on plans/progress for the Spring Banquet. In the past the club has subsidized some of the expenses for this event. We agreed that the club will subsidize costs over $25.00 per person. The club will pay for the Wildware folks (Heidi and Andy plus 2 guests). Peggy will sent out an email banquet reminder.


Trip participant requirements were discussed; mainly the issue of how to handle participants who can’t handle the pace or level of skiing required.

Lake Placid finances were discussed with the issue of their failure to notify us of foreclosure of the property we contracted to rent. We determined that future trips would need documentation of expenses and payments.

Nancy Borremans discussed 2009 Trips. Members are encouraged to bring ideas and specifics regarding future ski trips to the annual ski trip-planning meeting, April 1, 2008.


Bill Stine took care of sending a thank you note to Ruth Krebs for the great presentation she did at the most recent general club meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn S. Grove