Executive Board Minutes – May 8, 2012

Attendees: Dave Walborn, Bill Stine, Bill Hoffman, Dave Powell, Cheryl Capitani, Jean Geiger, Andrea Hospodar, Dave LeRoy, Nancy Kauhl, Ron Henry, Marilyn Grove

Meeting was called to order by President Jean Geiger.


  • Vice President – Dave Walborn – nothing to report.
  • Secretary – Marilyn Grove – nothing to report
  • Treasurer – Dave Leroy – Reviewed Treasurer’s report. Discussed the three charities (Jack Rabbit,
    Catamount Trail, Winnona forest) to which we annually donate $50 each. Motion to donate $50.00 to each of the above again this year made by Bill Stine, seconded by Bill Hoffman. All present were in favor. Dave discussed the need for the yearly audit and the need to have a volunteer do this. Bill Hoffman volunteered to do the yearly audit.


  • New Meeting Place: Gander Mountain and Center Street Grill were suggested and discussed. New meeting
    place will be the Center Street Grill in Enola. Pete will be asked to put an article in the Easy Glider regarding
    this change.
  • Change in January Meeting Date: First Tuesday in January is January 1. This was changed to January 8 as
    the meeting date for January. Social meeting date will stay the same.
  • Baseball Game Expense: (summer activity) Dave Powell will send out an e mail to see what the club would like to do with this summer activity (box seats, seats behind home plate, etc.
  • Trip Money Due Dates: Pete will publish trip dates and due dates for deposits in late June. Monday, July 16 will be date of P.O. box opening date for accepting deposits.
  • Club Dues: A reminder will be in the Easy Glider in June newsletter. Nancy K will do article. (single $20 couple $30)


  • Cheryl Capitani presented the schedule for summer activities and upcoming programs for general membership meetings.
  • Bill Hoffman discussed the Ottawa trip and housing options. He will research the Minto Suite Hotel vs. Extended
    Stay Suites.
  • Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:10 pm by Dave LeRoy; Bill Hoffman seconded.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn S Grove