Executive Committee Meeting – August 11, 2014

Location: Gilligan’s Restaurant on the Eisenhower Blvd

Attendance: Executive Committee Members: David Walborn, Dave LeRoy, Cheryl Capitani, Dave Powell (President), Ron Henry, Bill Stine. Also attending were members Bill Pickering Pam & Denny Dunn, & Bonnie Telegraphis.

Call to Order: about 12:15PM

“2 Proposals Relating to Trip Lottery” presented by D. Powell:

  • “When there are multiple trips in a given year requiring a lottery to select those to be placed on a waiting list due trips being overbooked, a person or couple chosen to be relegated to the waiting list for a particular r trip shall be exempt from the waiting list lottery selection on other trips for which they have registered during the same year.”
  • “A person or couple who is selected to be relegated to the waiting list for a particular trip in a given year, and who do not get to participate that year, shall be exempt from a lottery for that same trip the next time it is offered in a future year and is again overbooked.”
  • Discussion: B. Stine will add the proposals to the Trip Finance web page. The Proposals were approved by the Committee.

Crystal Lake Ski Center – Propose donation $500.00:

  • Motion by D. LeRoy & 2nd B. Stine.
  • Discussion: B. Stine encourages promotion of the use of the Ski Center through the newsletter and web site. D. LeRoy added that the 2nd year of the reopening, cabins will be available for overnight stays.
  • The Proposal was approved.


  • A Lottery was held for Stowe #1, Lake Placid, and North Conway x-c ski trips. The results of this will be sent to the Trip leaders from Ron Henry, Trip Coordinator.


  • Ox Roast will be held October 18, 2014, at the home of Nancy Kauhl and Dave LeRoy.

Meeting adjourned at 1:07PM.

Submitted by Cheryl Capitani