Membership Meeting – Mar 17, 2015

President Dave Powell called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

Approximately 28 people attended the meeting.


  • President: Dave Powell – no report
  • Vice President: Lisa Baer – absent
  • Treasurer: Dave Leroy stated he has some reconciling of the books to do & will be sending out trip refunds soon.
  • Secretary: Marilyn Grove – no report
  • Newsletter Editor: Pete Oswald stated the newsletter is finished and he is not taking any more information at this point and it will go out shortly.
  • Webmaster: Bill Stine – nothing to report
  • Programs: Cheryl Capitani – absent

OLD BUSINESS: Membership chairperson, Nancy Kauhl stated she has gotten 3 new members in the last few weeks.


  • Leaders gave reports of their recent trips and everyone agreed we had one of the best ski seasons!
  • Business meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm.

Program: Dave Powell did another great slide show. Eight fellow Kick N Gliders visited the ancient Inka sites in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, Peru while hiking the Inka Trail and climbing Hauyna Picchu.

Next Social – Wednesday, March 18 – Thai Palace – Camp Hill.

Next General Meeting – Trip Planning and Election of new officers – Tuesday, April 7. Center Street Grille.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn S. Grove