Membership Meeting – December 3, 2019

President Fred Burgess called the meeting to order at 7:12pm.
Approximately 21 people attended.

Officer’s Reports:

  • President – Fred Burgess reminded us of the Holiday Party on December 18 at Bill and Sandy Stine’s at 7:00pm. Bring a dish to share with others and a beverage of your choice. We discussed the Crystal Lake Trail Maintenance on November 15. Four Kick N Gliders spent the afternoon clearing the trails.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Dave Leroy asked that we send our final payments on ski trips well in advance of the trip. Please designate the amount that is to be applied for each trip when sending money for more than one trip. For trip grocery reimbursements, please add up your receipts, put in an envelope, and give a total of the receipts.
    • Dave also discussed the proposed modification of the lottery procedure which reads:
    • #7 At the lottery for each trip, the names of all who still want to attend that trip will be put on a slip of paper. Those who want to be involved in the lottery as a group will be placed on a single slip of paper. Those who are immune from the lottery because of the rules about immunity will automatically be placed on the roster first. A person or group chosen by lottery to be placed on the waiting list for one trip shall be exempt from the lottery for other trips for which they have registered during the same year. Also, a person or group who has made a deposit for only one trip for the year shall be exempt from the lottery for that trip.
    • #8 Names will be drawn for trips in chronological order of the dates of the trips. (Remember, those who lose out on one trip are automatically placed on the roster for other trips for which they made deposits) Likewise, people who have signed up for only one trip for the year are automatically placed on the roster for that rip ahead of those subject to the lottery.
    • Discussion and questions followed. Mike McMullen moved that we accept the new proposal. Dave Powell seconded. All were in favor.
    • This new modification will not affect this year’s trips, and will begin with the 2020 lottery.
  • Trip Coordinator – Discussed the status of ski trips. Sign ups listed in the newsletter are still valid.
  • New Membership – Nancy Kauhl stated we had a few new members over the last month. She is putting together the “People to Ski With” . Pay your dues if you want to be included on the roster.
  • Old Business – None
  • New Business – as above, Lottery Proposal.

Next Business meeting – January 7.

Next Social – January 22 at Herbies.

Business Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm

Program – Native American History in the Susquehanna River Basin Region from the time of First Contact by Steve Runkle. Always a great program and another fun history lesson. He started with the first contact in 1600’s to the French and Indian Wars in 1700. Learned some fun and interesting facts.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn S Grove