Membership Meeting – December 7, 2021

President Fred Burgess called the meeting to order at 7:00pm

Approximately 28 people attended.

Officers Reports:

  • President – Fred Burgess, no report
  • VPS – Fred and Tanya Richter, no report
  • Secretary – no report
  • Treasurer – Dave stated most of February he will be on ski trips so send you balances for ski trips early if possible otherwise checks may sit around a while and go uncashed.
  • Past President – Andrea Hospodar, no report
  • Trip Coordinator – Dave Walborn, no report
  • Programs – Cheryl Capitanni, no report
  • Membership – Nancy Kauhl – reviewed trip openings. Also reviewed Craftsbury Ski Center policies for upcoming trips. They are banning fluorinating products. Don’t bring or use these products. Craftsbury website will tell you how to clean your skis. Other restrictions include wearing masks in public spaces. Craftsbury also added 5 individual bathrooms on each floor.

Old Business: none

New Business: none

Next scheduled social is 12/22/21 – Christmas party at Stine’s

Next Business meeting – 1/4/22 at Center Street Grille

Business Meeting Adjourned at 7:22pm.

Program – Cheryl introduced the video  documentary “Mountain Souls: A Documentary about Bob Webber. The video told an amazing story of Bob & Dottie Webber who lived a simple life in a log cabin without electricity, telephones, or running water for over 50 years. Bob blazed trails & maintained a network of hiking trails in the Pine Creek area of Lycoming, Clinton and Tioga counties.  The Bob Webber Trail is a challenging 42.2 mile trail in Black Forest cleared,marked and maintained by Bob.. Some of our club members were fortunate to visit  Bob & Dottie. An outdoor lifestyle video which gave you an inspiring view of the “good life”.

Respectful submitted, Marilyn S. Grove