Membership Meeting – February 1, 2022

President, Fred Burgess called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.
15 People attended.

Officers’ Reports:

  • President: Fred Burgess, no report
  • Vice Presidents: Tanya and Fred Richter, absent, no report
  • Treasurer:
    • Dave Leroy reminds us if you are sending a check for a trip which has multiple trips in the same season (Craftsbury, Booneville,etc) be sure to mark if it’s for trip I or II so the money is applied to the correct trip.
    • Dave discussed the Laurentians trip cancellation. Bill Stine’s trip will be getting a refund but there will be a delay.
    • Traditionally, the ski club donates money to Winona, Jack Rabbit, Catamount and Crystal Lake. A discussion was held and it was decided to hold off until the April meeting to make a decision regarding this.
  • Secretary: Marilyn Grove, no report
  • Webmaster: Bill Stine, absent, no report
  • Trip Coordinator: David Walborn, Nancy Class, absent, no report
  • Past President: Andrea Hospodar presented the slate of officers for consideration for voting at the April meeting,
    • Presidents – Fred and Tanya Richter
    • Vice President – Gary Musser
    • Treasurer – Dave LeRoy
    • Secretary – Marilyn Grove
      Extended Trips – David Walborn, Jaime Hackman
    • Day Trips Coordinator – Bill Stine
    • Membership/Newsletter – Nancy Kauhl
    • Programs – Andrea Hospodar

Trips Reports: Tailwater and Crystal Lakes, great snow, good times.

Business meeting adjourned at 7:18 pm.

Program: Cheryl Capitani introduced Dave Powell and his “Voyage Aboard the Nina. Dave spent 6 weeks in July – August 2009 as a crew member (one of 5) aboard the Nina. The Nina is an accurate replica ship which cruises every year on all navigable waterways, mostly in eastern North America. His voyage was spent criss crossing Lake Michigan going south. What an adventure. Great pictures and memories.

Reminder: No general meeting in March. Social on March 16, 2022 at Marzoni’s BrickOven and Brewing Co.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn S Grove