Membership Meeting – November 7, 2023

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Fred Burgess at 6:45 pm.

Approximately 21 people attended.

Officers reports:

  • President: Gary Musser, absent, no report
  • Vice President: Fred Burgess welcomed us to our new meeting place, Englewood Brewing. He made a motion to approve the meeting notes from the last general meeting. Approved 1st, Nan Rissinger, 2nd Lin Pomeroy.
  • Treasurer: Bill Hoffman, absent, no report.
  • Secretary: Marilyn Grove, nothing
  • Webmaster: Bill Stine, absent
  • Trip Coordinators: David Walborn & Jamie Hackman, no report
  • Membership: Nancy Kauhl, States we have a few new memberships. Announced that there are openings on several ski trips. (Craftsbury I, Cazenovia, Stowe, Ellis Cove) We discussed Craftsbury (New Years trip) for future years. She has 36 spots reserved for this year with 24 people signed up and will have to release the extra rooms soon. Next year she may just drop the number down to 30.

New Business: Vice President, Fred Burgess made a proposal to amend the bylaws. “A vacancy occurring in any elective office shall be filled by appointment of the President, with Board approval, for the unexpired term.” Nan Rissinger made a motion to approve, seconded by Lin Pomeroy. All were in favor.

Other Business for Good of the Club: Bob announced that Mountainside Ski & Sport received a double shipment of skis, etc. (Solomon only) They are having a half price sale.

The business meeting adjourned at 7:00pm.

Program: Ed Cook introduced the Executive Director of Manada Conservancy, Will Dingman. His program covered land trusts in Dauphin County and how they protect land for public benefit. This is accomplished through land owners, voluntarily, outright land donation and grants. He discussed easements, farm land trusts, Forever business, and environmental education. An interesting program. For more info:

Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn S. Grove